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Watchdog Waterproofing Membrane Contractors in Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne Urethane provides high-quality waterproofing solutions from Tremco for commercial and new residential construction, serving contractors throughout the greater Fort Wayne, IN, region.

Tremco’s Watchdog H3 Waterproofing membrane delivers a consistent thickness for maximum waterproofing performance. It is specifically engineered to seamlessly span concrete settling cracks and seal against water leaks. An effective barrier solution for multiple applications, it’s an excellent choice for controlling moisture and protecting a home or building’s structure.

Contact Fort Wayne Urethane online or call (260) 432-2008 to learn more about Watchdog waterproofing membranes.

Benefits of Watchdog Membranes

Foundation walls need a durable, long-lasting waterproofing solution to control moisture, prevent leaks and protect the build’s structural integrity. Waterproofing membranes are a great solution, providing a coating that’s highly resistant to wear and water pressure.

Watchdog H3 delivers up to 3 times more hydrostatic head pressure resistance than other, similar barrier solutions. It adds value to new builds by eliminating product waste and providing exceptional waterproofing protection.

Additional benefits include:

  1. Hang strength that enables consistent membrane thickness.
  2. It stays where it’s sprayed, maintaining consistent coverage of 40 mils cured.
  3. 10-year transferable performance warranty

Watchdog H3 also deters mold growth and its correlating health hazards and can be useful in lowering heating and cooling costs.

Expert Waterproofing Services in Northeast Indiana

A well-constructed foundation is integral to a new home’s construction, providing a uniform base that bears the structure’s full weight. It also acts as the first line of defense against moisture intrusion that can potentially damage critical structural elements.

Watchdog H3 is a monolithic spray with a 60 mils application thickness wet that cures to 40 mils. It is applied directly to foundation wall and slab settling cracks to seal against water leakage.

Fort Wayne Urethane technicians are trained to apply the waterproofing membrane for various construction projects, including:

  • Residential new builds
  • Offices
  • Retail centers
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Sports venues
  • Parking garages
  • And more

Choose Fort Wayne Urethane

Fort Wayne Urethane has been a trusted name in new-build waterproofing solutions throughout Northeast Indiana for over 40 years. As a proud member of the IBP family of trusted companies, we’re committed to providing only the finest waterproofing products, ensuring the peace of mind that comes from ensuring a dry, protected and comfortable environment.

Need a reliable waterproofing solution for your residential or commercial new build? Contact Fort Wayne Urethane online or call (260) 432-2008 to learn if Watchdog H3 is the right product for your project and budget.

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